10 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga

10 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga

HOW THE ULTIMATE MIND-BODY CONNECTION HEALS The word “yoga” means “to unite” or “to join.” The practice of yoga leads to the unity of individual

Yoga Retreats Will Chill You Out

If you’ve been practicing any type of yoga for at least 1 year or more, it is quite common that your coach will invite you over for a little bit of yoga retreat time. But what exactly are those yoga retreats all about? It turns out that even when…

How Did Yoga Originate

While Yoga is a relatively new thing for the Western world, the East has seen centuries if not millennia of it. With a history almost as long as 3 thousand years, this fitness/meditation practice initially originated in India. But what you don’t…

This Country Loves Yoga the Most

If someone would ask you to guess a country with most yoga followers (which is not its homeland of India) which one would you name? As it turns out, people very rarely make the right guess on that matter. And also no, we’re not talking about the US here.

We’ve Got a New Yoga Coach!

Having traveled to us from Bangladesh, Mr. Ayapuri Kashnikhi has always been known as one of the most experienced yoga coaches in his country. So it’s hard for us to contain our excitement upon meeting and greeting him in the US!

Best Yoga Asanas for Practitioners of Any Level

We all know how hard an at-home yoga practice can be… While having no surrounding company of fellow yoga practitioners or a dedicated mentor nearby, going through all the tough postures one by one can be intimidating indeed. While in an opposite situation..

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